For many years, Lenovo has been a frontrunner in the personal computer industry. One of Lenovo's best-selling models, the Lenovo Thinkpad E585, raises the question: how does it perform in practice?

This comprehensive review will highlight its best features and explore its drawbacks. To help you determine if this laptop is a good fit for you, we'll discuss its price, screen, keyboard, weight, battery life, performance, ports, and connections, etc.

Lenovo Thinkpad E585

Lenovo ThinkPad E585 Specifications

  1. Body & Design

Laptop Brand



ThinkPad E585

Body Material

Display cover: Aluminum

 Bottom: PC/ABS plastic



AC Adapter

45W or 65W USB Type-C AC adapter


369mm x 252mm x 19.95mm [ W*D*H]


4.7 lbs | [2.1 KGs]

Hardware for the Lenovo ThinkPad E585

The style and construction of a laptop are the first things a consumer will notice. What it appears like, how it feels, and if it's something you'd want to bring with you wherever you go. While the Lenovo Thinkpad E585 may not be ultraportable, it is still relatively compact for a 15-inch laptop at 4.7 pounds.

Those who spend a lot of time typing will appreciate the new E585 laptop's full-size, island-style keypad. It's built with tougher stuff to withstand the inevitable knocks, bruises, and crashes that come with regular use. General Solid Construction.

  1. Processor




Base Frequency

Max Frequency


Graphics Card

Ryzen 3




2.5 GHz

3.4 GHz

1MB L2 /

 4MB L3

Radeon Vega 3

Ryzen 5




2.0 GHz

3.6 GHz

2MB L2 /

 4MB L3

Radeon Vega 8

Ryzen 7




2.2 GHz

3.8 GHz

2MB L2 /

 4MB L3

Radeon RX Vega


Lenovo ThinkPad E585 Processor

The Lenovo ThinkPad E585 offers a choice between three different AMD processors. If you want a powerful machine with the newest AMD RyzenTM processor and a sleek design, this is a good choice. When it comes to daily tasks and demanding applications, AMD processors hold their own.

  1. Display & Audio


Stereo Speakers, 1.5W x 2, Dolby Advanced Audio


Dual Array Microphone

Ports for Audio

headphone / microphone combo jack

Lenovo Thinkpad E585 Display & Audio

The laptop's display is beautiful; it's sharp, clear, and uncluttered. It works equally well in dim conditions as it does in bright sunshine. The audio clarity is adequate for casual use but would not satisfy a dedicated audiophile. When viewing a movie or video, the speakers are conveniently located on either side of the keyboard.

Lenovo Thinkpad E585

  1. Keyboard & Trackpad


6-row, Spill-Resistant, Multimedia Fn Keys


Buttonless Mylar Surface Multi-touch Touchpad

Lenovo Thinkpad E585 Keyboard & Trackpad

The ThinkPad 15's keyboard feels sturdy and dependable, and the key travel is above average for a notebook of its price range. It's a traditional island layout without a Numpad, which I don't mind since I rarely use it. The matte surface of the buttons makes them difficult to fingerprint. They weren't making any extra commotion that I could hear, either.

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The Touchpad is sensitive and precise, and it understands common motions like two-finger scrolling and pinching to zoom in.

  1. Ports


Gigabit Ethernet Connection [ RJ – 45 ]

Wifi & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi 2×2 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.1, M.2 card

Type – C

Gen 2 (with the function of Power Delivery and DisplayPort)


1. One USB 2.0

 2. Two USB 3.1 Gen 1


HDMI 1.4b


1. Micro SD Card reader,

 2. Security Keyhole

Lenovo ThinkPad E585 Ports

There should be at least two USB ports: one USB Type-A and one USB Type-C. Mice, flash drives, and external hard drives are just some of the items that can be connected via USB Type-A. The USB Type C is more modern and therefore superior because it enables quicker data transmission and charging. This laptop has all of the major ports that are standard on laptops today.

  1. Ram & Memory


32GB max / 2400MHz DDR4, dual-channel capable, two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets


Up to 2 drives (one M.2 SSD and one HDD)

 M.2 SSD Slot

Lenovo ThinkPad E585 Ram & Memory

  1. OS & Camera


Pre Loaded : Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro [ Optional ]


HD720p camera, fixed focus

Lenovo ThinkPad E585 OS & Camera

Suitable For

1 .Everyday Use

2 .Coding

3 .Processing  &  Multitasking

4 .Video Streaming and for small   gaming


Usability of Lenovo Thinkpad E585

Lenovo Thinkpad E585

Pros & Cons


  •         Stylish aluminum exterior design
  •         Superb execution
  •         USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and other connections are included.
  •         Display in high resolution
  •         Extremely reasonable cost


  •         The battery life is subpar.
  •         Greater girth and greater mass compared to competing companies
  •         It's not great for casual players and it doesn't have multitouch support.

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In conclusion, the Lenovo ThinkPad e585 is an excellent choice if you need a reasonably priced and sturdy notebook. There aren't many sub-$600 laptops that can compete with their efficiency in terms of value and build quality. In addition, if you look around online, you can probably find some discounts and offers that will help you save money. So, it's not ideal, but it's darn close to being money well spent. In sum, I award it 8 out of 10 stars. If your budget is around $600, this is the finest laptop money can buy.

I really hope you find this article informative. Have a great day.